Overview of our Services
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Knife Sharpening

  • We sell, sharpen and repair all types of knives including chef and kitchen knives, fish processing knives, sporting knives and hunting knives
  • We sell a wide range of trade and professional knives and accessories at competitive prices. Accessories include steels, diamond steels, automatic steels, sharpening stones and knife sharpening machines
  • Knives and accessories from F.Dick, Victrinox, Global, I.O.Shen, Eicker, Temeca, Nirey and Frosts

Services for the Building Trade

We offer a variety of products and services to suit the needs of those in the building trade.

  • Sharpening and repair all types of saw blades and woodworking tools for the building trade
  • Large range of woodworking and metal cutting TCT circular saw blades to suit all types of portable and bench mounted sawing machines
  • Saw rebores and spacer bushes to any specification
  • Specialist chisel sharpening service

Gardening Tools

Prompt and professional service for all types of industrial and domestic garden tools.

  • Chainsaw sharpening to as new standard. We offer new TCT and standard blades to suit all chainsaws machines
  • Servicing hand tools including hedge shears, secateurs, loppers, grass shears, axes, pruning saws, lawn edger blades, spades and more
  • Sharpening all types of wood chipper and mulcher blades from the smallest to the largest
  • Sharpening lawn mower blades, hedge trimmer blades and cylinder mowers

Circular Saws

Services include:

  • Repairing broken teeth
  • Retipping
  • Leveling/Straightening
  • Modification

Workshops (Commercial, school, university, hobbyist)

  • We manufacture and supply a wide range of bandsaw blades suitable for wood and metal cutting bandsaws
  • We sharpen guillotine blades and hand tools
  • We sharpen and service a variety of specialist woodworking tools, chisels and more