La Felsinea IS Manual Sausage Filler
Manual sausage filler for the professionals. All details are designed to ensure durability, reliability and hygiene.

  • 40/10 stainless steel AISI 304 body
  • Stainless steel 15/10 cylinder, with curved back and rounded edges
  • Polythilene piston, with air exhaust valve
  • Hardened steel gears with double speed
  • New gear box with axes sliding on waterproof ball bearings, and buckles on rack, to grant perfect sliding and smooth operation
  • The perfect alygnment of all axes durino assembling, aloud a perfect sliding of the piston on the cylinder, that does not require to be fixed
  • Available with stainless steel rack on demand
  • Complete with 3 different polyethilene funnels and a clamp to fix the machine on the working table

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Technical Details

Model IS 8 XM IS 12 VXM IS 16 XM
Orientation Horizontal Vertical Horizontal
Cylinder Capacity8 L12 L16 L
Cylinder Length370 mm380 mm500 mm
Cylinder Diameter165 mm200 mm200 mm
Piston Stroke420 mm420 mm560 mm
A240 mm400 mm280 mm
B190 mm190 mm190 mm
C680 mm435 mm820 mm
D220 mm260 mm250 mm
D220 mm260 mm250 mm
E - 800 mm -
Weight21 kg29 kg26 kg

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