Sharpening and Grinding Services

We offer precise and professional sharpening services for all type of meat industry knives and blades. These include: circular saws, knives, circular knives, cutter knives, machinery knives & blades and micer knives.

Knife Sharpening

We sell, sharpen and repair all types of knives including chef and kitchen knives, fish processing knives, serrated knives, packagaing blades, sporting knives and hunting knives.


We provide grinding services for mincer plates and mincer knives of all sizes as well as knife hollow grinding.

Circuilar Saws

Circular saw services include repairing broken teeth, retipping, leveling/straightening and modification.

Gardening Tools
Prompt and professional service for all types of industrial and domestic garden tools
  • Chainsaw sharpening to as new standard. We offer new TCT and standard blades to suit all chainsaws machines
  • Servicing hand tools including hedge shears, secateurs, loppers, grass shears, axes, pruning saws, lawn edger blades, spades and more
  • Sharpening all types of wood chipper and mulcher blades from the smallest to the largest
  • Sharpening lawn mower blades, hedge trimmer blades and cylinder mowers
Services for the Building Trade
We offer a variety of products and services to suit the needs of those in the building trade.
  • Sharpening and repair all types of saw blades and woodworking tools for the building trade
  • Large range of woodworking and metal cutting TCT circular saw blades to suit all types of portable and bench mounted sawing machines
  • Saw rebores and spacer bushes to any specification
  • Specialist chisel sharpening service
Workshop Services (Commercial, school, university, hobbyist)
  • We manufacture and supply a wide range of bandsaw blades suitable for wood and metal cutting bandsaws
  • We sharpen guillotine blades and hand tools
  • We sharpen and service a variety of specialist woodworking tools, chisels and more
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