La Felsinea ME Monopala Banco
Benchtop or freestanding Mincers

  • Made from AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Oil-bath gear box, ground and tempered helical gears
  • Gear box with double sealing system
  • Safety microswitch on the cover
  • Removable AISI 304 stainless steel mixing arm (no tools required)
  • Front outlet opening for shaft removal and product unload
  • Stainless steel IP 67 protection rated controls
  • OPTIONAL: Short, medium or long legs with wheels

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Technical Details

ModelME 10M ME 20MME 30MME 50M
Power 180 W (0.25 Hp) 370 W (0.5 Hp)1460 (2 Hp)1460 W (2 Hp)
Power Source230V/50Hz230V/50Hz230-400V/50Hz 230-400V/50Hz
Tank dimensions200 x 250 mm270 x 300 mm300 x 390 mm 410 x 480 mm
Capacity10kg/14L mm20kg/28L30kg/42L50kg/88L
A482 mm554 mm680 mm750 mm
B260 mm330 mm365 mm465 mm
C--1120 mm1250 mm
D390 mm445 mm530 mm595 mm
E534 mm646 mm975 mm1120 mm
F- -150 mm150 mm
G- -650 mm720 mm
L- -440 mm440 mm
M- -940 mm1010 mm
N- -610 mm610 mm
O- -1010 mm1180 mm
Weight18 kg27 kg49 kg59 kg

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